Somewhere around the 70’s, Humanity went into a hibernation mode and since then we have been sleeping.
Although we’re sleeping, we gave up our collective dreams for a better world and chase only for selfish oriented dreams. Dreams of eternal consumption.We have been living in a highly technological society, but still think in terms and concepts conceived 200+ years ago. Our evolution is stagnated, we need a “reevolution” dream.
There will be a moment when we all wake up from these pointless dreams.A moment when we will declare all of the world’s resources as the heritage of all the inhabitants of this planet.

Meanwhile, we’ll be chasing dreams.

Released February 1, 2016

Hugo Celso Almeida – Acoustic Guitar
Ricardo Motta – Electric Guitar
Gonçalo Silva – Drums

Recorded and mixed at Attack-Release Studios, Portalegre, Portugal
by João P. Miranda